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Market Rules & Regulations

Abingdon Farmers Market Rules 2017

Market Manager Contact: 276-698-1434


Vendor Categories: In fulfillment of its mission, the AFM strives to maintain the following ratio of vendors at the Market: Farm Products (70%) Prepared Foods (15%) and Arts/Crafts (15%).  See below for a description of items allowed in each category. Farm Products: Products grown, raised, or produced through agricultural activity, such as fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers, seeds, or animal products, including prepared foods and craft items made primarily from farm-raised or wildcrafted items.

Prepared Foods: Homemade, edible items including hot meals, candy, baked goods, jams, jellies, canned foods and beverages.  Use of as many locally produced ingredients as possible is strongly encouraged.

Arts/Crafts: Non-edible handmade items such as carving, artwork, jewelry, soaps, lotions, wreaths, etc.  Use of local materials is strongly encouraged.

General rules for all vendors:

  1. From their written application and previous market history, each AFM vendor is placed into the category that best represents that vendor’s primary product(s) at Market (see Product Worksheet). The majority of items brought to market over the entire season should reflect that primary category. The Market Manager will monitor these categories over the course of the season and reserve the right to re-categorize any vendors who have changed their primary products.
  2. Items may not be purchased elsewhere for resale at the Abingdon Farmers Market.
  3. Items not produced by the vendor, their family, or employees (as employees for your business) must have written approval for sale from the Market Manager/Steering Committee. The producer of the item must be clearly labeled at the point of sale.
  4. Farm Vendors are required to clearly label products they did not grow including but not limited to prepared and wildcrafted foods. All vendors are strongly encouraged to label non-farm products that used locally grown goods.
  5. Compliance with all Health Department and Department of Agriculture guidelines and restrictions is the sole responsibility of each vendor, such as meat and egg temperature, organic labeling, etc. Upon request, vendors must demonstrate to the AFM Market Manager their compliance with all guidelines. All vendors who are planning to sell prepared food should contact Chris Salyer of the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Safety to discuss compliance with current inspection requirements. 276-220-3210 or

Virginia’s Cottage Food Law lists prepared foods which may be sold at Farmers Markets without inspection:

  1. Meats must be processed in a USDA inspected facility and have a Dept. of Agriculture stamp, except poultry and other meats exempted by VA law. All meat inspections are the responsibility of the vendor.
  2. On behalf of the Steering Committee, the Market Manager has authority to inspect the origin of items sold at the Market to ensure that such sales conform to Market Rules. All vendors are subject to an on-site visit to verify local production at any point during the market season, including all sites of production.  Routine farm visits are also ongoing, with the goal of visiting each farm every 2-3 years.


  1. The Regular Season Market will operate from the 3rd Saturday in April through the Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving in the Abingdon Market Pavilion on Remsburg Drive in Abingdon.  Hours of operation will be each Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and each Tuesday afternoon from 3:00 – 6:00 p.m.
  2. The AFM Holiday Market will begin the Saturday after Thanksgiving and run through the Saturday prior to Christmas, from 10:00 a.m. to noon. All AFM rules still apply.
  3. The AFM Winter Market is open the first and third Saturdays of Jan, Feb and March, and first Sat of April. From 10 a.m. to noon.  All AFM rules still apply.
  4. Vendors will have access to the Market one (1) hour prior to the opening time for the purpose of unloading and setting up merchandise, and they must exit the premises no later than one (1) hour after the closing time. Several times each year vendors are asked to leave at closing time or soon after to accommodate other scheduled events at the Abingdon Market Pavilion.
  5. No sales may be made prior to the official market opening time.


Application Fee (one-time fee to be paid with each application)              $ 25

Full season (32 weeks, includes Saturdays and Tuesdays, due by first Monday in Dec.)

  1. Section A: rear of pavilion, includes one (1) parking space at booth $300
  2. Section B: front side of pavilion, 10 ft space $180
  3. Section B: front side of pavilion, 6.7 ft space $145
  4. Section C: spaces along new brick walkway $150
  5. Full Season, Tuesday only 75% of above fees

Monthly, any space (any consecutive 4-wk period, Saturdays and Tues) $75

Daily, any space (setting up for one Saturday OR Tuesday)                    $25

(Once $300 and $25 application fee has been paid, there is no more daily charge)

  1. All fees are due at the time of application. It is the sole responsibility of the vendor to make sure his/her fees are paid on time.
  2. Full season vendors ONLY must pay $25 with their application, due by first Monday in Dec, then a minimum of 50% of remaining fees due by the third Monday in Jan. Any remaining fees are due no later than July 1.
  3. Full season fees include access to Holiday and Winter Markets.

Sales Tax:

Virginia State Law requires all vendors to register with the Virginia Department of Taxation, and to collect and report sales taxes.  Information and applications can be obtained from the Virginia Department of Taxation, PO Box 1114, Richmond, VA 23218-1114.  Phone 804.440.2541.  It is the responsibility of the individual vendor to comply with tax requirements.

Lease Agreements and Assignment of Space: 

  1. Full season vendors will be assigned regular spaces at the Market by the AFM Steering Committee; all other available spaces shall be assigned by the Market Manager. In assigning full season spaces points are assigned for:

Location:  Washington County, VA            5pts.

                   W/in 25 miles of AFM               3pts.

                   26-50 miles from AFM              2pts.

Market Tenure:   1pt / year of tenure [ max of 10 points total]

Attendance:        1 additional pt. if Saturday season vendor in 2016 [75% of the regular season]

                            2 pts. If Tuesday season vendor in 2016 [75% of the regular season]

Rules Violations:  1pt. deducted for each major infraction of rules in 2016

  1. All monthly and daily vendors must contact the Market Manager to complete application no less than 48 hours prior to Market. The Market Manager will assign daily/monthly spaces and collect fees as applications arrive.
  2. Vending space size will be either 10’x10’ or 6.7’x10’. Regardless of width of space, a 10 foot aisle down the middle of the pavilion must be kept clear of produce or display items for pedestrian/customer use at all times.
  3. A shared lease is welcomed, but all parties must submit an application and pay fees. Subleasing of spaces is not allowed.
  4. The Market Manager, on behalf of the Steering Committee, reserves the right to cancel any lease, and to change space allocations when it is considered to be in the best interest of the Market operation.
  5. Vendors should be on-site and ready to sell no later than the start of market. If running late, any paid vendor may reserve his/her spot by contacting the Market Manager a half hour before market opening.  If unable to attend, please give the Market Manager as much advance notice as possible so that another vendor may be assigned that space.
  6. Both full season and monthly vendors must attend and sell from their assigned space most of the season or risk losing their assigned space (unless notifying the Market Manager in advance).
  7. All vendors shall be held responsible for the actions of their employees, agents or persons working in concert with their stand.

The AFM Steering Committee has the authority to terminate the lease of any vendor who fails to comply with the rules and regulations of the Abingdon Farmers Market.